Gleaming Crater

Fiction River: Recycled Pulp (Fiction River: An Original Anthology Magazine Book 15): “The Gleaming Crater”

The old becomes new again as fifteen talented authors go back to the lurid pulp titles of yesteryear through today’s rich, nuanced storytelling. Enjoy original tales featuring rebel angels fighting a heavenly enforcement squad, a cop whose life might depend on ordering the right deli sandwich, and a wizard who has just three days to pay off the loan on his tower or lose his very soul. Whatever your taste in stories, Recycled Pulp is sure to have something that will amaze, surprise, and delight you.


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Crossing Colfax: Short Stories Crossing Colfaxby Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers: “A Full Moon Over a Desolate Plain”

Playboy Magazine once called Colfax Avenue “the longest, wickedest street in America.” A hundred years ago, it was the main road into and out of Denver, Colorado. East Colfax was the address to have for many of the city’s elite, and West Colfax was a trail that led to the mountains and dreams of Gold Rush riches. A 105-acre tuberculosis sanatorium for the poor once fronted the street – the Golden Hill Cemetery still houses many of the White Plague’s victims.

We invite you to explore Colfax Avenue – its past, present, and future. Its greatest moments, real or imaginary, and its darkest secrets. Tales of romance, action, fantasy and more – Colfax has seen it all.

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ERGOSPHERE (M-BRANE SF #12): “Becoming Connie”

Amazing new science fiction guest edited by Rick Novy.

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 Hot Blood XI: Fatal Attractions: “Not a Meat Puppet, a Magic Puppet”

Edited by Jeff Gelb and Michael Garrett, this volume is the eleventh Hot Blood erotic horror collection — and according to Cemetery Dance, “one of the best volumes in this long- running series – a top rating.”  Fatal Attractions is the most lauded roster of contributors in the rich three-decade history of the Hot Blood series.   Fatal Attractions is One to Die For, the pinnacle of erotic horror and a must read for fans.

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 Baen's UniverseThe Best of Jim Baen’s Universe: “Fishing”

Astounding Tales! (Also Amazing and Astonishing!)

Tell the truth: you flat-out love science fiction and fantasy. Time travel. Space opera. Alternate history. Doesn’t matter. What you love is the story. The great idea. The adventure and action. That good old-fashioned science fiction staple, the Sense of Wonder.


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Short Stories


“A Hearth Witch at Chisolm Keep”

Misha Millik, a hearth witch brought to Chisolm Keep by the headmaster, feels out of her depth at this magic school for the children of established magicians. Branded a misfit by the wealthy students, she finds a friend in a stray cat who can talk to her. Desperately unhappy and completely inept at any kind of magic the school teaches, she wonders why the headmaster insists she stay at the school. When she finds the horrifying answer, she must use her humble powers to save herself and find her true place as a practicing witch.

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“Bonita and the Hacienda”

A modern version of Beauty and the Beast with a Hispanic twist.
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“Buffalo on a Vinegar Morning”

Davis Bessinton’s life changed the day lightning struck him. His company, already teetering on the edge, fails when he loses the expertise he used to have, and his wife leaves him, unable to cope with his new compulsion to create art. When Davis finds an intruder rifling through his art, the man cuts a hole in thin air and steps through it. Who he is and where he goes will change Davis’ life.


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Over the Wire rszd“Over the Wire”

Brice Sebastian, a half breed, runs wire for Western Union across the great plains, open to white settlement since the Indians are moving down the Trail of Tears in this alternate history 19th Century America. An odd interaction between the solder and a new spool of copper wire creates a door into a new world empty of men, and full of giant creatures long since gone from his. Such a land has promise as safe home for the Indians, but he has to convince them to trust him long enough to cross over while keeping the soldiers from killing everyone in the process.


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“Waiting for on Humanity’s Table”

Chuck Perlman is the world’s first recreated Neanderthal. Nearly adult, he is the prize in a corporate struggle to own what Chuck represents. He must find a place in the world of Homo Sapiens, a world he doesn’t fit into, often doesn’t understand, and discover what he can offer that will give him a place and a future in it.



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Message by Chotchkies]

“Message by Chotchkies

When Maddie Robertson takes a job importing a statue of a Babylonian goddess from England to a gallery in Denver, it seems like a simple task–until a spirit in her house starts arranging the knick knacks on her bookshelf into messages of danger. When she researches further, she discovers the statue has a history of violence and despair. Maddie soon finds herself in the thick of the desperate position the spirit warned against. She’ll have  to save herself or end up on the sacrificial altar.


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Walkabout rszd


Riggy, a newly minted Guide, agrees to guide a strangely innocent young man, on a spring walkabout through the forests of Ushban, a small moonlet at the edge of colonized space. When a pair of oddly marked dragons begin to stalk them, Riggy must get them safely to a station while protecting her client from the creatures and his ignorance of the dangers of a wilderness.



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