Singular Irregularity: Time Travel Gone Terribly Wrong


It's only time travel. What could go wrong?

Let us show you!

What you hold in your hands is a singular opportunity to witness paradox at its worst! When it comes to time, all things are relative, including the elasticity of causality. Writers from all over the world have come together to bring you a wide array of tales from witty and whimsical to dark and dire, exploring the age-old axiom: when you tick-off time, sooner or later, he's going to quantum your physics.

Here is a tachyon of what you can expect in this cosmic collection of temporal distress: ancient artifacts, mad scientists, and wardens of time. There are government conspiracies, corporate cover-ups, presidential assassinations, and deadly betrayals. And what science fiction-fantasy collaboration would be complete without impending Armageddon, a host of doomsday invaders, tears in the time space, and killer robot bunnies?

There is so much more! I hope this has been enough perturbation to convince you to crack open this event horizon into crumbling alternate dimensions, and read about the hapless byproducts of warped imaginations.


Contains Thea Hutcheson's "Postcards from Home".

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